The purpose of social media is to be social.

Teem'd provides a structure for organizational teams to
collaborate, share and engage with different audiences.

Teem'd makes it easy for users to participate and
customize ideas and suggestions for their locations.

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Work with your team to create and publish social media.


Propose social media content to local teams.


Tailor messages to your local audience.

Tailor Messages to your Local Audience

How Does Teem’d Work ?


to create, edit and approve content.


to distribute prepared content to other teams.


to engage your audience.

How Teem'd Works

Scale your Social Strategy

Empower employees to contribute to the social media conversation.

Not just one channel for the whole organization.
But many channels for different parts of the organization.

Make your content relevant to your local customers.

Not just one content stream for the whole organization.
But localized content for each segment/sector.

Challenges & Solutions

Control your message

by crowdsourcing oversight to local teams.

Localize the message

by enabling teams to tailor the content for their customers.

Train & develop contributors

with prepackaged suggestions from the social media director.

Manage time and resources

with an intuitive workflow process that promotes participation.

Integrate marketing

with contributions from different stakeholders.

Use Cases

Large International Nonprofit

An organization with 300 chapters wants to promote National Service Month.

The headquarters team collaborates virtually on the Teem’d platform to create posts for their social media channels. Headquarters sends out recommended posts to all of their chapters. The individual chapters use the posts as is or customize the messages for their local communities.

Frozen Yogurt Franchise

A yogurt company with over 100 franchise locations wants local stores to create and promote different flavor combinations to attract more customers and increase sales. One of the NYC stores has created a popular flavor with different toppings.

On Teem’d, the national communications group suggests a post with a photo and description of their new flavor and shares the post with all local stores. Other stores recommend the flavor to their customers and adapt the post for their social media channels, attracting more customers into their stores. The national communications group also adds the post to their social media channels and both local and national groups monitor and respond to customer reactions.

A National Professional Association

An organization wants to promote attendance at a conference on Women and Technology. Their membership consists of both individuals and companies.

The national community manager suggests a post promoting this event for publication on Facebook and Twitter, with a link to the event’s registration page. The national team shares the suggestion with member organizations who post on their channels and also invite members to repost the message.

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